Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Rest Of My Life

p/s : I loike dis sweet rite..hope my unknown future husband will sing dis song for me..sound so gatai!!..huu..harap mak ngn abah x terbaca ni..ehehe(^_^)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Move to new Hospital

बाय बाय सत.थेरेसा (-_-)
Bye bye St.Theresa

We moved to a new hospital for clinical postings due to Idiopathic etiology....bnyk rumors sebab kmi kene xde satu pun sebab yg betul2 diketahui..Wauhuallam

Yang pasti Theresa's hospital will always be in our heart. Although Theresa is a small hospital, its super cool there coz we get to go to OT most of the time, we can get up close with the patients n all the doctors is superb nice, sporting n ley kata medical book bergerak la..hee

A farewell party was held in Theresa.

In the center is our beloved Dr Manohar...die sgtlh sporting n bek..hii ayat glamor dier yg menjadi siulan kmi "Hello baba!!"

4x ZOOM..hee..hat plg idung mancung tulah Dr.Manohar..He is a Surgeon n have his own private hospital..sgtlh kaya!! (Dr.Manohar..u have son? haha joking!)

With some of the lady doctors..
(From Gynae n Paediaetrics)

Kami yg betemakan Lady Bird..hee

Align CenterSayonara !!

हेल्लो जैन (^_^)
Hello Jain !!!

Ok its Baghwan Mahaveer Jain's Hospital. Yeah its.. erm.. .. sounds.. a liiil bit too spiritual..its semi private hospital belongs to Jain community..

The main building. Its like a maze inside, hope we'll get used to it really soon..

serius berbelit2..masuk kat sana xley kuar ikut ctu gak..penah la sesat sekali..nk cari toilet je pun..pastu xmo g dah..huhu

kt hospital ni gak ada Free CAMP..Where they give free treatments to those in need. Also means we can do anything to the patients..but as my beloved orthopedics doc always said..
Dr.Prakash: "Patients is like a textbook to learn to appreciate them"


First day. First meeting with the docs, the administrators.

And the first thing they told us:"No non-veg food inside the hospital, even u bring it from ur house!"

mmg kebulur..roti pun xde sbb made from telor..adehh..heh..cafeteria depa kmi pggil umah antu..

Like they said: multi-SUPER-specialty hospital. Looks pretty convincing eh..hii

Jain's is really strict when it comes to OT, OPD, Ya Allah.. all those rules and regulations!! (Well, actually.. that is how its supposed to be..kan kan..hehehe.. I guess Theresa has pampered us that much)

La ni kmi posting kt Orthopedics Department..i really LOVE it..hee..1 month is very short duration..after that we need go to ENT department lak..mntk2 best gak..uuuu